About The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method:
Lesson on Blood: The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method” 
        by Rosemary A. Plumstead

The Failure Can Endby Rosemary Plumstead

Through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Knowledge Opposes Anger —
        & Students Learn!"  by Rosemary A. Plumstead

About Aesthetics and Religion:

Read about the writings of Rev. Wayne Plumstead, United Methodist Pastor:

An Easter Prayer

How Much of the World Does Jesus Ask Us To Include?

Statement by Wayne Plumstead in 
Friends of Aesthetic Realism—Countering the Lies

"Rev. Wayne Jack Plumstead" page with links and a brief 
comment on Aesthetic Realism & Anthropology

About Aesthetic Realism consultations:

Women: Hard and Soft 
       --by Devorah Tarrow, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
A Father Seen Anew - Part 1  & Part 2
       --by Bruce Blaustein, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
What Children Really Want 
  --by Bruce Blaustein, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
About the Economy:
When High Profits Drive Trucking Accidents Happen
             --by Timothy Lynch, Head of  Teamsters Local 1205
Profit Motive of Drug Companies Damaging Seniors' Lives
       --by Devorah Tarrow, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
Union Leader, Timothy Lynch, Local 1205, Outlines Most Important Study for America
       --by Alice Bernstein

About Art and Music:

Barbara Allen, flutist, teacher, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
"The philosophy of Aesthetic Realism, which I am so proud to teach, has educated me about the most important things a person can know--including about Music, Education, Love and Marriage." --Barbara Allen 
Aesthetic Realism and Picasso's GUERNICA: For Life
"Pablo Picasso in his angry yet monumental memorial to Guernica opposes cruelty and affirms life--doesn't say reality is senseless." --Dorothy Koppelman
David M. Bernstein, Fine Art Photography
"I learned that the critical basis of art, including photography, which I love, is in this Aesthetic Realism principle stated by Eli Siegel: "The world, art and self explain each other: each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites." Along with photographs, I am happy and grateful to include articles written by me and my colleagues showing the enormous value of this education in the understanding of the aesthetics of photography and the lives of every photographer." -- David M. Bernstein
Anne Fielding,  Actress, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
"You will see the classes I love to teach.  And, how immeasurably useful Aesthetic Realism is to people's lives--including, so much, my own.  And in my essay "I Believe this about Acting," is some of what I learned from Mr. Siegel about the urgent, needed, true comprehension of the art of acting and the human self. " -- Anne Fielding
Len Bernstein-Photographic Education
Amy and Louis Dienes, Photographers and Aesthetic Realism Associates
Portfolios of photographs, and much more, including a Poem: Black and White, with a selection of photographs which inspired the lines. 
Roseanne Backstedt
Portfolio of paintings by artist Roseanne Backstedt. 
Ceres Gallery 584 Broadway Ste. #306, New York, NY 10012. 
Titles of works include:   Fields of Silver and Gold
A Letter in Winter.    Girl at the Edge
Donita Ellison, Art Educator and Aesthetic Realism Associate
I am happy to describe what I am learning from Aesthetic Realism about life, art, education, marriage and love, the family, music, the economy and so much more! 
I am grateful to use the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method in art classes I teach to high school students and to present it to other teachers in professional conferences. 

About Racism:

The Heart Knows Better. A Film by Ken Kimmelman
The Emmy award-winning anti-prejudice public service announcement by Ken Kimmelman, an Aesthetic Realism consultant, in New York City.  The film is produced by Imagery Film, Ltd. -- the film company directed by Mr. Kimmelman.

 About Justice and World Events:

Housing: A Basic Human Right
"Housing—A Basic Right, an Urgent Need, a National Priority:  Aesthetic Realism Explains America’s Housing Crisis, the Cause, and the Solution"
United Nations AFF 99: What Does a Person Deserve?
Director: Ken Kimmelman. 
Description: A film that asks this question, first posed by Eli Siegel, in relation to homelessness and hunger in the United States today: "What does a person deserve by being alive?" 
Ruth Oron, Essayist
"Aesthetic Realism changed my life, made it truly happy and full of meaning and I passionately want every person in the world to know the new, true, beautiful and just way of seeing the world and people Aesthetic Realism teaches."
--Ruth Oron 
Alice Bernstein and Friends
"I’m glad to welcome you to my website, where you can read articles by me and persons I am proud to have as friends and colleagues. ....Alice Bernstein and Friends is the title of my column in La Vida News/The Black Voice of Ft.  Worth and Arlington, Texas, and articles published there also appear in many other journals." --Alice Bernstein
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 .About Anthropology:
Aesthetic Realism and A New Perspective for Anthropology
"How can cultural anthropology have a scientific basis at last? I present the answer I learned from Aesthetic Realism and Eli Siegel."  -- Arnold Perey, Ph.D.

 And More........

How My Stuttering Ended
"A matter that concerns many people in America and has caused a great deal of pain is stuttering.  I know that the philosophy of Aesthetic Realism understands stuttering and can end it—for  I learned the scientific cause of stuttering and my stuttering ended!"  -- Miriam Mondlin
The New York Subway: A Century
A paper by Aesthetic Realism Conultant John Stern about the history of the New York Subway.
Nancy Huntting, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
"I am proud to have seen Aesthetic Realism is true: it explains the human mind, the world we are in, with magnificent scope and exactness. The study of it enables individual men and women to be fully what they hope to be.  It is the greatest force for individuality of a true kind; and it shows a person what he or she has in common with the whole world and all people, those close to us and across this diverse earth!"  -- Nancy Huntting
Lynette Abel
"On my website I write about what I have learned about personal and international matters and how they are related: for instance, what makes for disappointment and failure in love and what makes love flourish; what is the cause of failure in the economy and what will have it flourish! " -- Lynette Abel, Aesthetic Realism Associate

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