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Eve Lustig: Aesthetic Realism Associate
I am glad to welcome you to my website.  Here, you can learn more about Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by the great historian, poet and critic, Eli Siegel. 
Mr. Siegel defined Aesthetic Realism as "the study of how to like oneself through liking the way one sees the world, and liking, as much as can be, 
the world itself."  I began my study of Aesthetic Realism in classes with 
Eli Siegel.  My education continues in classes conducted by Class Chairman Ellen Reiss. 

I am proud that articles I have written showing what Aesthetic Realism explains about subjects that concern people everywhere have been published in newspapers and professional journals across the United States and in countries abroad.  Here is a selection: 

"My First Aesthetic Realism Consultation"
"Health Care is a Right"
"A Just and Kind Economy"
"How Our Highways Can Be Safe At Last!"
"Terror and Liking the World"
                                                        -  Post September 11th
"How Can We Feel Independent and Secure
                           At Once? -Art Shows Us How"

AND .....
These are a few of my favorite LINKS:
About Aesthetic Realism consultations:
Women: Hard and Soft 
       --by Devorah Tarrow, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
A Father Seen Anew - Part 1  & Part 2
       --by Bruce Blaustein, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
What Children Really Want 
--by Bruce Blaustein, Aesthetic Realism Consultant 

About the Economy:
When High Profits Drive Trucking Accidents 
    --by Timothy Lynch, Head of  Teamsters Local 1205
Profit Motive of Drug Companies Damaging Seniors' Lives
       --by Devorah Tarrow, Aesthetic Realism Consultant
Union Leader, Timothy Lynch, Local 1205, Outlines Most Important Study for America
       --by Alice Bernstein


Aesthetic Realism ConsultationMy First ConsultationHow Our Highways Can Be Safe
Aesthetic EconomicsA Just and Kind EconomyTerror and Liking the World
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Women: Independent & Secure

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